The iRT and HRM calibration kits were developed to enable fully automated and sensitive signal processing with Spectronaut. Thanks to the constant development of our algorithms, Spectronaut doesn’t strictly require the use of the iRT and HRM calibration kits anymore to perform the analyses. However, we strongly recommend the addition of the iRT Kit into the samples, since this ensures retention time normalization on uncommon matrices and low complexity samples, and allows for detailed quality control read‑outs. Furthermore, adding iRT peptides can speed up the analysis and improve the quality of your results by increasing the accuracy of the RT normalization.


In addition, the QC Perspective of Spectronaut is based on the iRT peptides. Chromatography, mass spectrometer performance and analysis can be monitored over time using several performance indicators. Every successful analysis is stored in the QC Perspective. Spectronaut automatically detects various instruments and will create a separate quality control history for each of them.


To know more about QC control and QuiC, click here. If you want to keep on reading about iRT peptides, click here or here.


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