At Biognosys, we have developed ready to use assay panels for the screening of common cancer, cardiovascular or metabolic biomarkers. PlasmaDeepDive™ multiplexed assay enables absolute quantification of 100 low abundant human plasma proteins in a single measurement in scheduled MRM or PRM experiments, covering a dynamic range of six orders of magnitude, with high precision and reproducibility. It is specifically designed to monitor protein levels in depleted plasma or serum samples. For such purpose, the panel includes 16 peptides corresponding to the typically depleted proteins in human plasma analysis to monitor the depletion reproducibility and quality. In addition, the panel kit includes nine housekeeping proteins for normalization, making the results highly reproducible. Lastly, 75 proteins considered relevant targets for biomarker screening represent the main part of the panel. To see the complete list of proteins you can target with PlasmaDeepDive please visit our shop here.

The PlasmaDeepDive multiplexed assay also provides all the reagents, material and protocol to assist you from a reproducible sample preparation to absolute quantification of your targets and interpretation of your results. In particular, the panel kit contains:

  • Reagents and optimized protocol for reproducible sample preparation
  • Stable isotope labelled standards (SIS) for accurate quantification
  • iRT standards for LC retention time calibration and transferability to virtually any LC setup
  • MS method for optimized measurements
  • Either 6 or 12 months license for the SpectroDive™ software

The PlasmaDeepDive panel kit is available for either 96 or 48 samples. In addition, we offer a Mini version -PlasmaDeepDive Mini- to process up to 20 samples.

To find more information about the content of the kit, please visit our shop here.


To learn about SpectroDive, visit our knowledge base section here.


Additional information on targeted proteins and use cases can be found in the ScienceHub section on our website here.



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