Although SpectroDive is developed to use as little resources as possible, the calculations made by the software are still quite intensive. We recommend the following settings:



Operating System:       Windows 7, x64

CPU:                              Intel ® Core CPU, 2.7 GHz (quad-core) or similar

Hard drive:                   500 GB free space

Memory:                       16 GB

Software:                     .NET 4.7 or higher



Operating System:       Windows 10 or higher, x64

CPU:                            Intel Core i7 4770, 3.4 GHz (octa-core) or similar

Hard drive:                   500 GB free space, solid state drive (SSD)

Memory:                       64 GB or more

Software:                     .NET 4.7 or higher


For any questions about system requirements, contact us here!



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