Although Spectronaut is developed to use as little resources as possible, the calculations made by the software are still quite intensive. Spectronaut was optimized for parallel computation and makes use of all CPU cores assigned in the global settings. Parallel computation is synchronized with disc IO such that running not more than one analysis at the time is optimal in terms of overall computation time needed. We recommend the following setup:



Operating System:        Windows 7, x64

CPU:                            Intel ® Core™ CPU, 2.7 GHz (quad-core) or similar

Hard drive:                   200 GB free space

Memory:                       16 GB

Software:                     .NET 4.7



Operating System:        Windows 10 or higher, x64

CPU:                            Intel Core i7 4770, 3.4 GHz (octa-core) or similar

Hard drive:                   500 GB free space, solid state drive (SSD)

Memory:                       64 GB or more

Software:                     .NET 4.7 or higher


You can also estimate the RAM your analysis will need using the following formula:


Where n is the number of precursors in your library and r is the number of DIA runs


For any questions about system requirements, contact us here!



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