Spectronaut™ has been developed to analyze the highly convoluted data independent acquisition (DIA)‑based proteomics in a very intuitive and fully automated way. Spectronaut can process raw data from a large variety of different methods, such as DIA, WiSIM-DIA, SWATH™, SWATH™ 2.0, SONAR™, etc. The analysis done by Spectronaut requires minimal to no manual revision, and its processing algorithm covers the full workflow from retention time calibration of your runs, normalization of signals, quantification, statistical testing for differential abundance and interpretation of your results. In addition to the standard spectral library‑based targeted extraction of your DIA data (hyper reaction monitoring or HRM™), Spectronaut allows a spectral library‑free workflow, directDIA™, enabled by our integrated database search engine, Pulsar.

To know more about Pulsar, click here. To learn how DIA is outperforming shotgun proteomics, click here.



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