Biognosys offers ready to use assay panels for absolute peptide quantification of several cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic disease biomarkers. We provide two different panels targeting two different sets of proteins:

1. PlasmaDeepDive enables absolute quantification of 100 low abundant human plasma proteins in a single measurement in scheduled MRM or PRM experiments. This panel kit covers a dynamic range of six orders of magnitude, with high precision and reproducibility. The PlasmaDeepDive kit is specifically designed to monitor protein levels in depleted plasma or serum samples. Learn more about PlasmaDeepDive here or visit our shop here.

2. PlasmaDive allows the absolute quantification of 100 proteins in a single measurement with high specificity and precision. It is designed to monitor protein levels in native plasma or serum samples with high throughput. To know more about PlasmaDive™ keep on reading here or visit our shop here.

Both assay panel kits provide all the reagents for sample preparation, stable isotope labelled standard peptides (SIS), and protocols. They also include a license for our SpectroDive™ software. PlasmaDeepDive and PlasmaDive offer an all‑in‑one solution for the absolute quantification of your targets, including data interpretation. Both panels are available for 96 or 48 samples, or you can get the Mini version, designed for 20 samples.


Additional information on targeted proteins and use cases can be found in the ScienceHub section on our website here.

To learn more about SpectroDive, visit our section here.



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